ULearn 2016

Here I am creating a blog for the third time as a result of a session at the ULearn conference in Rotorua. I have always had good intentions when it comes to blogging but it comes back to purpose—why would I want to? What could I have to say that anyone would be interested in reading?

I will always remember walking along a beautiful beach in Mahia one summer’s evening with a friend, picking up a shell and saying, ‘How are shells made again? I have forgotten.’ My friend responded with, ‘Only a teacher would ask that, Kaye.’ This got me wondering about curiosity and learning and I guess that’s what ongoing learning is all about—having that curiosity about things, asking the questions and never losing that wondering.

I then read something about some people walking through this world, their footsteps barely leaving a mark in the sand—living in the moment with little thought of yesterday or tomorrow. The job at our school is to have our children wondering and asking questions—we have to keep that alive and if it isn’t there for some—to grow and strengthen it.images

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