2018 – a new year

The exciting beginning of the school year is almost upon us but the thinking about the new year starts way back in the previous year. Teachers and principals I know all strive for continuous improvement and we are always thinking about how we can provide the best learning opportunities for our children and families.
2018 brings some interesting changes for us. The national focus is shifting back to our wonderful New Zealand Curriculum. Over the last year or so we have been working with you to refine our approach to curriculum and we know from what some of you have told us so far and what we believe, the foundational principles that will underpin how we do things at our school. That is, lots of experiential learning—both inside and outside the classroom—making the most of the amazing environment we have surrounding us. We want the children to be engaged in projects that are worthwhile and teach them life skills that will assist them in their futures and also develop their conscience for sustaining the planet! We want the children to be involved in their learning—not passive receivers but engaged and active participants. Times are such that information is everywhere and we all need to know how to access it and use it well. This is what we will be teaching your children—with you as partners. Exciting times ahead in 2018— see you all next week!

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