First two weeks

We have had a great start to the year with a warm and positive vibe in all respects: weather, children, staff and whanau. On the whole, children have arrived back at school happy, settled and ready to learn, and our numbers are healthy. Swimming is well underway and the pool is getting plenty of use. We would dearly love to have the pool available for community use but the health and safety regulations make it untenable: as the PCBU (Person Conducting Business or Undertaking), it falls on my head if something goes wrong and I am not comfortable with that level of risk!

The new administration block is also well underway with most of the frontage demolished. We are scheduled to move back into the ‘real’ office at the beginning of term two. Our next project is a new set of toilets in the junior area—well overdue. I must say I am surprised that the ratio of toilets to children is one pan to twenty children. So in effect we need only have about 7-8 toilets with our current roll.

All these renovations are making our school more modern and attractive. But at the end of the day, our school should be modern and attractive. Our small amount of property money has been spent in the last few years on upgrading the electrical switchboard, unblocking drains and fixing roofs.  I hear of already modern and attractive schools being able to spend their million dollars of property money on upgrading already tidy, clean blocks and I feel slightly envious. But back to the positive learning vibe I started this post with—we have that which makes the lack of capital bearable!

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